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Greenland in the late summer

A spectacular world, unspoiled by tourism!

UPDATED March 21, 2019

Flying between the U.S. and Europe your route will often offer a glimpse of Greenland.

This picture was taken on a flight from New York to Madrid, Spain during the month of September.

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North Atlantic flying

The route you’ll fly between the U.S. or Canada and Europe changes every day. Going from North America to Europe your flight will most typically be during the dark of night.

How to get a view of Greenland

Greenland map

Sometimes you will fly directly above Greenland, where passengers sitting on either side of the airplane will be able to see it.

Other times you’ll see it off the left side of your airplane (going to Europe), but again, typically at night.

Coming from Europe you may see it off the right of your airplane during the day.

Other times your route of flight may take you too far south of Greenland all together, to be able to see anything at all.

Did you know these brief facts about Greenland?

Greenland is an island. It’s a Danish territory bordering the Atlantic and the Arctic oceans. In spite of rapidly melting ice from global warming much of the surface is still covered in snow and ice.

Where do people live on Greenland?

The population of Greenland is 56,171, consisting mostly of its native people of the Inuit Eskimo origin.

The capital of Greenland is called Nuuk, located on the southwest coast, 17,492 people live there. Nuuk has its own airport.

Airport at Nuuk
Nuuk Airport

The town actually has many nice points of interest, as well as things to do.

Most of the small population on Greenland live along the southwest portion of the island, where you can find a fjord-lined, ice-free coast.

Further north, above the Arctic Circle, you can witness winter’s Northern Lights, as well as summer’s midnight sun.

City of Nuuk, Greenland
Nuuk City. Credit: Oliver Schauf.

Attractions in Nuuk include the Greenland National Museum, Katuaq Cultural Center, Nuuk Art Museum, Nuuk Cathedral, as well as a couple of famous statues: Mother of the Sea and the Statue of Hans Egede.

Thule Air Force Base

Located on the far northwest coast of Greenland Thule AFB is the U.S. Armed Forces’ northernmost base.

It was originally built in 1943.

Thule Air Force Base
Thule U.S. Air Force Base

Visiting Greenland?

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