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Beautiful San Diego, California Aerial View

San Diego has grown from a fairly small U.S. Navy town to a sprawling metropolis in few years.

A favored travel destination for visitors the city has perfect weather year round and lots of attractions to experience…..

In these pictures, taken after departure from San Diego International Airport you can see the Point Loma Peninsula, Coronado Island with the runway of Coronado Naval Air Station, San Diego International Airport, and downtown San Diego.

San Diego Point Loma, Coronado, Airports and downtown
Point Loma (left), Coronado Naval Air Station (middle), San Diego International Airport (upper middle), and San Diego downtown (upper right).

Airport flight challenges

The airport is conveniently located in the downtown and harbor areas of the beautiful City of San Diego.

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That makes it super-convenient for travelers to fly in and out of the airport.

On landing coming from above downtown you’ll get the best view if you sit on the left side. The downtown buildings will present a stunning ringside view for you.

Point Loma, Coronado NAS, Lindbergh Airport and San Diego downtown
This picture was taken a few seconds after the first picture above, before turning east for New York.

From a pilot’s point of view, the airport can present challenges. On landing, coming in over downtown, you are literally just a few feet above the parking structure that was built just a few feet from the touchdown area.

That requires precision flying on behalf of your pilot. You have to stay precisely on your flight’s glide-path to touchdown at a precise speed.

Of course, this is something your pilot will always do. But considering that final approach garage structure, combined with the hills you have to clear in the event of a go-around (aborted landing) you simply have to pay extra attention going into San Diego.

Airport history, did you know?

The airport is also referred to as Lindbergh Field. Pilot Charles A. Lindbergh made San Diego his starting point when he performed the world’s first-ever solo transatlantic flight in 1927.

After that flight Lindbergh was honored by having San Diego’s proposed new airport named after him. The airport was officially named San Diego Municipal Airport – Lindbergh Field at that time.

So, San Diego International Airport has been in existence since 1928!

San Diego, simply my favorite city

I used to live in San Diego, in a suburb called Poway as a teenager. Back in those days San Diego wasn’t very big, with only around 400,000 inhabitants I believe.

Regardless, it remains my favorite California city!

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