Great Air Travel Views

Great Air Travel Views

Here are some stunning aerial views from air travel. Flying always brings great moments to take pictures from above, as we enjoy the sites.

Video of the Week

B757 landing San Francisco. Submitted by © Captain Jimenez, Mexico.

Above the Pasadena, California Rose Parade
January 1, 2019

Pasadena Tournament of Roses B2
The B2 above Colorado Blvd flying along the parade route going east © Mark Holtzman
Pasadena Tournament of Roses B2
The B2 at the corner of Orange Grove & Colorado Blvd (left), Pasadena, California © Mark Holtzman

Pictures & Videos of Past Weeks

Broadcast on TV in as many as 217 countries, the Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena, California is a world famous New Years celebration event.

The parade is held every year on January 1, unless the date falls on a Sunday. If New Years Day falls on a Sunday the parade is held on January 2.

These spectacular pictures were taken by the world famous professional aerial photographer Mark Holtzman of West Coast Aerial Photography, Inc. Mark is also an experienced pilot, flying the airplane he uses to shoot his own photographs. They were taken above Colorado Boulevard, during and above the United States Air Force (USAF)  B2 fly-by. Military airplane low-passes along the entire Colorado Boulevard stretch in Pasadena always mark the official start of the parade every year, at 8 a.m.  Mark has generously granted us permission to display his pictures on Captain Jetson, to share with you. You can contact Mark by clicking his link in red above.

2019 Rose Parade Opening 8 a.m.
USAF B2 Bomber fly-by

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Video: 2019 © Captain Les

San Francisco aerial
San Francisco downtown from the air. The Bay Bridge connects San Francisco with Oakland in the East Bay. Halfway across the bridge is Treasure Island (upper middle left). © Captain Les
Aerial picture Los Angeles night
Los Angeles basin at night, looking south: Simi & San Fernando Valleys, Los Angeles and down to Orange County. Santa Monica Mountains right, looking south to Palos Verdes, Long Beach and all the way to San Diego County. The dark area to the 3/4th upper left of the picture shows the San Gabriel Mountains. © Captain Brian
Volcan de Fuego from the air, Guatemala
Volcan de Fuego, Guatemala. © Captain S. Landry
Chicago aerial
Aerial Chicago. © Captain Les
Northern Lights on a red-eye flight
Northern Lights on a Red-eye flight. © and Credit: First Officer M. Melnyk/ALPA (Airline Pilots Association)
the allmighty Mississippi River
The Allmighty Mississippi River. © 2001 Captain Les
Greenland late summer
Greenland in the late summer. © Captain Les
Los Angeles Downtown
Los Angeles downtown. © Captain Les
Windsor Castle, London
Windsor Castle, London. © Captain Les
Cayman Island, Caribbean
Cayman Island, Caribbean. © Captain Les
Big Thunderstorm-Mama over Nebraska
Big Thunderstorm-Mama over Nebraska. © Captain Les
BP's Deepwater Horizon oil well explosion, Gulf leak 2010
BP's Deepwater Horizon oil well explosion, Gulf leak 2010. © Captain Les

We are adding a new Aerial View picture for you every week. 

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