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When you advertise with Captain Jetson you will have your aviation or travel product, service, or website noticed around the world!

Do you offer something unique that will make the lives of travelers, travel enthusiasts, aviation people, and airline passengers easier?

Then the Captain Jetson Aviation & Travel Site is the right platform to reach your consumers as well as aviation and travel industry professionals who come to explore our website!

The Captain Jetson site

Our aviation & travel site attracts visitors because they want tips, advice, guides, and answers to their aviation and travel-related questions. We provide those answers and we offer solutions for them.

We also have many people simply fascinated with aviation and travel, who return to our site to find our constantly updated news and interesting articles.

Then we answer to air travel questions that passengers have asked Captain Les for over 30 years, often again and again…

For example, questions airline passengers often ask include: How does a pilot drive an airplane on the ground? or How does an airplane fly? or Is turbulence dangerous?

Unmatched Aviation & Travel Expertise

You would be hard-pressed to find a site with more years of accumulative travel experience than Captain Jetson.

That means you benefit from his 33 years of nonstop air travel expertise and tips, from any part of the world!

Captain Les has traveled to every country on earth many times over, with the only exception of North Korea and Mongolia!

Captain Jetson

Captain Les

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