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How to Travel the World Better & Smarter,

I am Les, an airline captain for a major U.S. airline, having been an airline pilot for over thirty years now. 

The Captain Jetson Travel Site was created as a fun hobby, blogging about travel and aviation, sharing my solid travel expertise. The site was launched in May of 2018. 

After traveling the entire world many times over, visiting and re-visiting about every country on Earth, I wanted to share some of my travel and air travel expertise through the Captain Jetson website.

My home town is Los Angeles, California.

Travel is wonderful, but coming home to LAX Airport is always nice © Captain Les CaptainJetson.com

However, I would say I am different from other Travel Bloggers...

I must admit:

On my time off I no longer long to spend my life traveling in jets, staying in hotel rooms, feeling jet-lagged, or seeing the same exotic far-away place hundreds of times over ;-).

If you haven’t traveled for a living as much as I have, then travel is probably wonderful. 

Getting paid to Travel

Traveling for a living sounds appealing to so many people, as well as to aspiring travel bloggers. 

But, remember that old sarcastic saying “the grass is always greener on the other side”?

For most, reality reveals itself after a few years of nonstop traveling.

Getting paid to travel, having all expenses, including hotel stays paid for you 100% sounds like a dream to many.

As an airline employee, flying anywhere in the world on your time off for free sounds like a fantastic deal to others.

If you do it for a living for decades like I’ve done it becomes just another job, and you cannot wait to spend time at home, with your family and pets, and experiencing that wonderful feeling of your own bed again! 

After famous reporter Walter Cronkite retired from decades of traveling on the job, he was asked to respond to his wife’s desire to go traveling the world privately now that he was retired.

His response? “Well, SHE may be ready to see the world now, but I just want to stay home”.

Travel Blogging

Blogging from HOME, however, is relaxing to me, writing about how to travel the world better & smarter, sharing my expertise with you.

Writing about travel tips, guidance, guides, how-to’s, destinations, and visitor/reader interaction on the website is all fun to me. 

Aviation is and has been my entire life, education, career, and experience. That’s where I thrive, talking about something I truly know.

The Travel Niche of CaptainJetson.com

Every travel site has their own niche.

The Captain Jetson site is all about Travel in general, and Aviation (Air Travel).

Expert Travel Tips, Air Travel, News, Stories, Resources, and Guides are all covered for you in Captain Jetson.

Happy Travels,


CaptainJetson.com Contributing Staff

Lauretta Rivera

Lauretta handles our Content, Proofreading, and our Public Relations matters.

She is a native Californian, living in Los Angeles.

Ylda Nunez

Ylda handles your inquiries to Captain Jetson.

She is a Dominican Republic New Yorker, living in Los Angeles.


Masum is Captain Jetson’s Social Media Guru Hero.

This highly respected professional in the World of Marketing is making us very popular in the Social media channels every day.

Masum is a Full-Time Social Media Manager for several of his clients.

He also provides Graphic Design, Video Editing, and other expert internet services.

Bud Kraus

When Les first decided to start the Captain Jetson Travel & Aviation site he knew nothing about Word Press or how to create a website for a blog. 

Les’ challenges were quickly resolved. He turned to the brilliant how-to online Word Press courses of the world famous Word Press teacher Bud Kraus. His easy to learn courses can be found on his website JoyOfWP.com.

For anything you need to learn about Word Press for beginners, Bud has the answer.

After launching captainjetson.com Bud not only became a part of the team, but also an author for our site!


On a daily basis we do our own Word Press web design in-house.

But when we need THE top-gun professional to handle our advanced web design needs Davor takes over.

He is a full-Time WordPress Web Designer with 12 years of experience with more than 700 websites designed, including the Captain Jetson Travel & Aviation Site.


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