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How this travel site could help you with YOUR travels…

 As a pilot for a major airline since 1987, the purpose of the Captain Jetson website is to share my heavy travel experiences around the world. Considering myself a professional in the travel industry, I have learned a lot about the pros and cons of travel throughout the years. This is the basis from which Captain Jetson was created, for fellow travelers


You will learn “insider” tips on planning and executing your trip, whether it be for leisure or business, which is sometimes a daunting task. What to do, where to go, what to see, where to stay, where to eat, how to get around, language barriers, and how to take in the local culture is a challenging task.


Captain Jetson is different from many other travel sites. Other sites often focus on nomadic adventure or backpack travel performed by people in great shape. Those sites only focus on budget travel, including staying in noisy hostels, tents, caves, and other cheap or free accommodation. Of course, this is good for some travelers but inconvenient for others.

The Captain Jetson Travel Site is made for the common traveler, people who travel for leisure, or the frequent traveler, such as the business traveler.


Captain jetson helps you explore:


  • News, Tips, and Guidance for your travels.
  • You can discover hot travel destinations, from exotic places and cities to exploring the local culture at your destination.
  • How to travel on a budget, or how to find the best deals on your travels.
  • This whether you travel by air, car, train, boat, or by foot.


I have experienced almost every country on earth. Safely flying large Boeing, Airbus and other jets full of passengers. That translates to 24,000 hours of my life having been spent in the air.  

And that’s just getting to and from destinations.  Adding the endless times spent at those destinations, plus adding time traveling to different places on my time off means my life is all about TRAVEL!

By the way, one of my own favorite ways to travel is by taking car trips, exploring every worthwhile stop on the way. Sometimes, hidden gems are found in your own area!


My world travels started at 12 years of age, living in Europe. Today, Los Angeles, California is my hometown.


We all have desires in how and where we prefer to travel. What are your preferences? Explore the site, get ideas, get guidance and tips, and discover!


Here are some personal pictures, traveling the world...

White House, Washington DC

Washington D.C., White House

Approaching another destination


Truck Island, Micronesia, as a young co-pilot

Captain Jetson logo

Formal party, New York City

Young captain Les

Puerto Rico in the 1970’s

Cancún mexico

Cancun, Mexico hotel

Captain Jetson Travel Site, Captain Les

Back from Paris

Arriving Rio de Janeiro

Arriving Rio de Janeiro


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