Hello, I am Les

I am a travel & aviation blogger and an airline pilot. My home is Los Angeles, California.

With more than 30 years traveling the world in jets, I have been to almost every country on earth many times over. Airline pilots and flight attendants often get asked about travel tips, advice and air travel. 

Since I enjoy sharing my extensive travel knowledge I decided to start CaptainJetson.com as a fun hobby-type travel site. Now I am sharing my decades of travel know-how with you. 

The Captain Jetson Travel Site was made for regular travelers, leisure travelers and frequent travelers alike.

Although more than 26,000 hours of my life have been spent in jets I always made sure to see every corner of the world while on the ground too.

Therefore this website is not all about air travel.

I love writing about all of my experiences, which include traveling by air, by car, by train, by ship, and by foot, from budget travel to luxury travel, exotic places, cities and different countries. 

Let’s learn, discover and explore together!

I enjoy hearing from fellow travel enthusiasts. You can contact me HERE.

Have fun,


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