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about captain jetson
about captain jetson aviation and travel site

What is the Captain Jetson Aviation & Travel site about?

Captain Jetson is a one-stop hub for Aviation, Travel, and Flying News & Information.

Hello, I am Les “Captain Jetson”

Welcome on board!

I am Les, a captain for a major U.S. airline, an airline pilot since 1987.

Captain Jetson Aviation & Travel Site was created as a fun hobby, blogging about aviation (airlines) and travel, sharing my solid travel expertise and tips for more than 30 years. The site was launched in May of 2018.

After traveling the entire world many times over, visiting and re-visiting about every country on Earth, I wanted to share my expertise with you.

My home town is Los Angeles, California.

Travel is wonderful, but coming home to LAX Airport for the past 33 years is always nice
© Captain Les, CaptainJetson.com

The dual Aviation & Travel Niche of CaptainJetson.com

Every site has its own niche.

The Captain Jetson site is all about Aviation and Travel, with an extremely deep knowledge of both topics…

…and proud to be among the most experienced airline pilots in the world after decades of safely transporting my passengers all across the globe.

Captain Jetson Journalists

Captain Jetson has several contributing writers bringing you the best of aviation news and travel information.

Emails to Captain Jetson

We are being flooded with emails every day. Although I’d personally enjoy talking with every one of you, please follow the directions below for inquiries:

Captain Jetson Media Inquiries

Please send your request HERE.

Please address your inquiry to Attn: Lauretta.

For all other inquiries

You can contact any of us HERE.

Please address the name of the person your message is for. For example, if your message is for me: Attn: Les.


Disclaimer: Views and opinions stated on Captain Jetson are strictly the ones of the many individual Captain Jetson writers, including my own in my own articles, and in no way represent the opinion of any other person or company.

CaptainJetson.com in-house admin staff


Lauretta with the Lamborghini

Loreta handles our Content, Proofreading, and our Public Relations matters. She is also an in-staff writer for our website.

She is a proudly born and raised native Californian (one of the few), living in Los Angeles.

You can contact Loreta here


About Captain Jetson, Ylda Nunez

Ylda handles different tasks for Captain Jetson, and she is helping us as needed. She is also a skilled social media expert.

She is a Dominican Republic New Yorker, living in Los Angeles, but staying close to her beloved New York roots.

You can contact Ylda here


social media manager masum

Our Social Media Guru.

This highly respected professional in the World of Marketing is making us very popular in the Social media channels every day.

He is a Full-Time Social Media Manager for several clients, and he is in high demand.

He also provides Graphic Design, Video Editing, and other expert internet services.

You can contact Masum here.

Bud Kraus

Bud Kraus, captainjetson.com
Bud Kraus

When Les first decided to start the Captain Jetson Travel & Aviation site he knew nothing about Word Press or how to create a website for a blog. 

Les’ challenges were quickly resolved. He turned to the brilliant how-to online Word Press courses of the world-famous Word Press teacher Bud Kraus. His easy to learn courses can be found on his website JoyOfWP.com.

For anything you need to learn about Word Press for beginners, Bud has the answer.

After launching captainjetson.com Bud not only became a consultant of our site, but also a journalist-contributor!

You can contact Bud here.

Davor from OrionWP

Logo Orion

On a daily basis, we do our own Word Press web design in-house.

But when we need THE top-gun professional to handle our advanced web design needs Davor takes over.

He is a full-Time WordPress Web Designer with 12 years of experience with more than 700 websites designed, including our site.

You can contact Davor here.

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Are you interested in writing for us?

You can find out about becoming a contributing writer here, but please read everything before you contact us.

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