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Captain Jetson Aviation & Travel News is an online airline, aviation & travel news-publication authority.

Captain Jetson represents unmatched professional “insider” airline expertise and expertise

We strive to provide our visitors and readers with highly qualified and experienced professional Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness within our niches of Aviation and Travel.

Did you know…?

Captain Jetson Aviation & Travel News started as a fun private blog for Captain Les to show to friends and family? It suddenly grew to a popular site for his fellow Aviation Professionals, Airline and Military Personnel, AvGeeks, Millennials, and Travelers alike. That’s the point where the website went from being a small blog to a popular news-publication, still always free to enjoy for everybody!

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Who is behind Captain Jetson?

Captain Jetson Airline and travel News was founded by Captain Les “Jetson”. Les is an Airline Captain (pilot), an Airline/Aviation Authority, and an Aviation and Travel News Publisher & Journalist.

Les has been a full-time airline pilot for a major U.S. airline since 1987. His pilot expertise, seniority, and experience have now earned him the status of belonging to a unique pilot group that can be described as being the world’s most experienced airline pilots.

Topics covered by the Captain Jetson Airline and Travel News Brand

Aviation/Airline News is Captain Jetson’s primary niche, with Travel-In-General News being our secondary niche.

Who are the writers on Captain Jetson?

The journalists at Captain Jetson are all independent volunteers. The content of each article is strictly based on the research, reliable sources, fact-finding, and opinions of each individual author. Most are full-time highly educated and experienced professionals of the aviation, airline, and travel industry, with combined aviation and travel-experience spanning more than 300 years collectively.

An interview with Captain Les, the founder of Captain Jetson Aviation and Travel News

(By Loreta Ortiz)

What airline does Captain Les fly for?

I work for the best major airline in the world. Because captainjetson.com is totally independent and unrelated to the airline I work for I cannot publicize that answer. Furthermore, every major airline in the U.S. has restrictions against revealing a pilot’s airline identifying information in the media.

Why do you use the name “Captain Jetson”, or “Captain Les”, as opposed to your real name on your site?

I am actually a rather private person. A pseudonym is often used among writers, journalists, and other people in the media, which is a perfectly acceptable practice.

Thus, I have chosen to use Captain Jetson as the name of my news site as well as my journalist-name. My nickname as a pilot ever since I received my first flight lesson in 1978 was “Captain Jetson“. This name was then labeled on me because I was such a big fan of the old cartoon series Jetsons, as well as The Flintstones, of course, as a kid :-).

When did Captain Les “Jetson” first start flying?

I first started my pilot training in 1978. No one else in my family was ever a pilot.

How many total flight hours do you have as a pilot?

I now have more than 28,000 flight hours logged as a pilot since 1978, mostly in big jets.

What airplanes have you flown as an airline pilot that you were or are qualified on?

From the early 1980s until now, here are the airplanes I’ve flown and been current and qualified on as an airline pilot:

  • DC-8.
  • B727.
  • DC-10.
  • A300.
  • B737.
  • B767.
  • B757.

I have also served my airline as an instructor in the Training Department on the DC-10 and the Boeing 727 airplanes.

Can we expect video clips from your cockpit on the Captain Jetson website, or on the Captain Jetson YouTube channel?

Unfortunately, no. The FAA, as well as all airlines in the U.S., prohibit such activities in the cockpit. This is unlike some of the i.e. YouTube cockpit videos you can find produced by non-US airline pilots and cockpits. The strict U.S. standards for aviation safety do not allow pilots in the U.S. to engage in activities unrelated to flying or operating the airplane.

The inflight cockpit pictures and/or videos you find on CaptainJetson.com are all shot by pilot friends of mine, who belong to foreign airlines or pictures taken by corporate or private pilots. These are aviation-professionals not under the same picture- or filming-restrictions that U.S. airline pilots are under.

Did you always want to become a pilot from you were a child?

No. Originally I had no interest in flying (or travel, for that matter). It wasn’t until early in high school that I first took an interest in aviation. I was accepted to Medical School during college. I had a very strong interest in medicine until my girlfriend at the time told me “you would look good in a pilot uniform” while watching an airshow. Then, looking at the huge cost of medical school I chose to become a pilot for a career instead.

What background do you have as a journalist?

I have been a Freelance Journalist for over 30 years, writing for many different publications, covering Aviation, Travel, Business, Puerto Rican Culture & Music (mainly the Puerto Rican/Nuyorican salsa genre of music), and Sports (boxing).

Which countries in the world have you NOT been to?

I believe the only country I’ve never been to is North Korea. Plus, I have never been to the Arctic or Antarctica. I have only flown above the North Pole and the South Pole areas.

Except for being an airline pilot and a journalist, do you do other things?

Yes, I own and I have owned several successful non-aviation related businesses.

Where is your home town?

My home town is Los Angeles, California.

Travel is wonderful, but coming home to LAX Airport for the past 33 years is always nice
© Captain Les, CaptainJetson.com

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What is Captain Jetson Airline & Travel News?

About Captain Jetson Airline and Travel News

Captain Jetson is an online publisher of airline, flying, aviation, and travel news. The publication specializes in providing unique “insider” news and features of what’s going on in the flying world and in the world of travel in general. The publication was started by Captain Les “Jetson”, a major airline pilot-authority with decades of professional airline pilot and travel experience & expertise.

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Who is Captain Les "Jetson"?

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Captain Les has been a pilot for a major U.S. airline since 1987. He is the founder of Captain Jetson Airline and Travel news-site.

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