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Frequent Travel, Business or Leisure, 5 common Challenges & 5 practical Solutions

frequent travel, business

As with many things in life, frequent travel, whether it be for business or pleasure, has its pros and cons. Learn what the most frequent travel challenges are, and how to best solve these common challenges.

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Can you open Airplane Cabin Doors or Emergency Window Exits in flight?

cabin doors, cabin door

As an airline pilot for 30+ years, the passenger question most asked is if airplane doors can be opened during flight. Here's an easily understood explanation.

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Buenos Aires: "The Paris of South America",

a City with Flavor

Discover Buenos Aires, Argentina! The city that LOVES tango music and dance.

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How To Travel on a Budget, 9 Tips from a Travel Professional

Traveling cheap

Budget travel means more spendable money for your trip. Here Captain Les reveals his take on the subject. 

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Check out Captain Jetson's new YouTube Channel, Video #1

Watch what it's like being in the driver seat of a Boeing B757, landing in San Francisco.

To watch the movie, click the YouTube picture below:

Video #1: Landinglanding in san francisco, view from the cocpit

Exploring a Spectacular California Coast by car

Pacific Coast Highway, PCH Route 1, California Coast, Bixby Bridge, California, Big Sur

The world famous Pacific Coast Highway Route 1 offers some of the most beautiful views you can see. Read the article to discover the must-see places to experience en route.

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3 Reasons To Visit Puerto Rico

Reasons to visit Puerto Rico is back into the travel spotlight with a vengeance. Overcoming recent hurricane damage, the beautiful island welcomes visitors once again...

5 Places worth Discovering in the Midwest U.S.A.

The Midwestern states of the U.S. may not be the first place people seek for hidden gems. But you may be surprised to see what you can find here!

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Passport Renewal: How to renew your passport Faster, more Convenient and Efficient

passport renewal

Time for that dreaded passport renewal again? Here’s how you can easily renew your passport without being inconvenienced by waiting for a long time to receive your passport...

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10 Best Things to Do in the Pacific Northwest

pacific northwest, oregon

The Pacific Northwest states of Washington and Oregon are a nature lovers’ playground. There is something for everyone here: incredible beaches, big city life, snow-packed mountains...        

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Check out Captain Jetson's new YouTube Channel, Video #2

Watch what it's like being in the driver seat of a Boeing B757, take off from San Francisco.

To watch the movie, click the YouTube picture below:

Video #2: Taking Offtakeoff in san francisco, view from the cocpit

Travel Tip for Worldwide Travelers

Going to a foreign country?

Always respect thenorms” of the country and the locals you visit.

Remember, as travelers, we are guests of the country we visit. What may be the norm where you come from may be offending to the locals at your destination.

For example, the OK thumbs-up sign in the U.S. is offending to someone in other countries. 

Therefore, it is strongly suggested you check out the following two free resources before you go:

1) Cultural Etiquette Around the World

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- and -

2) The U.S. State Department’s Website on Country Information, which is always up to date on political situations around the world. This, in turn, allows you to make a decision as to the safety of your chosen travel destination.

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captain jetson

Tahiti, a visitor's Paradise



Click the beach above, to watch a video clip, showing how tropical Tahiti welcomes you!

The video clip is from an arrival at the Tahiti Airport (FAAA) terminal.

Faa'a is a commune in the suburbs of the City of Papeete, that the airport is named after.

Visit charming Cuba, the unique Pearl of Latin Caribbean attractions!

What you should really know about Health Effects of Air Travel,

by Captain Les

air travel and health, health hazards and flying


So many places, so many cultures, so much to see...

Pick your destination, figure and plan how you can realize your dream,

then ENJOY your adventure.

Your Travel possibilities are endless!


Lower Manhattan, Manhattan, big city

New York City, Lower Manhattan - the City with a 24/7 Beat!

Copacabana, Ipanema

Exciting Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - Samba Music, Dance & Beaches

Beautiful San Diego, California

Tropical paradise, samana, dr

American Samoa

London, Great Britain

London, England - Windsor Castle

Paris, France, the City of Romance - the Eiffel Tower

Captain Jetson Travel Site

There is a BIG world waiting to be explored!

Good morning Europe!

Manhattan Beach, by LAX Airport, Los Angeles, my favorite beach.

manhattan beach, Beach, sunny, flowers

Travel is wonderful, but arriving back home is always nice.

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)

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