How to Travel the World Better & Smarter
How to Travel the World Better & Smarter

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Did you know that many sports fans combine their love of travel with their love of sports?

Drew FarmerThe accomplished and well-known British Journalist, Author, and die-hard Soccer Fan Drew Farmer takes us on a journey into his world of travel. Click HERE to read more.

Soccer fan, Brazil

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Brittnay Bailey, AuthorBrittnay Bailey, AuthorPopular Australian Author Brittnay Bailey is revealing her hot tips for how to best experience Australia.

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Bud KrausBrittnay Bailey, AuthorAuthor Bud Kraus is reporting from his vacation trip to Madrid, Spain. In this article Bud describes his impressions of attending a bullfight.

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How do you feel about spending up to 18 hours of non-stop flight time in an airplane to reach your destination?

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Every week I receive several emails with air travel and flying-related questions from airline passengers. Once a week, one of your questions with the answer will be featured.

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Fact: Bangkok and London were the most visited cities in the world in 2017
followed by Paris, Dubai, and Singapore

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12 bad Effects of Air Travel you should know about!

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  • Beautiful day in Los Angeles. After takeoff from LAX. Palos Verdes Peninsula and Long Beach along the shoreline. San Gabriel mountains in the background.  #losangeles #longbeach #sanpedro #Flying #airlines #sangabrielmountains #aerial #airtravel #photography
  • Manhattan Beach is a popular beach in Los Angeles. It is located close to the Los Angeles Airport (LAX). Beautiful homes are located along the beach front, but too expensive for most of us to buy 😆  #manhattanbeach #losangeles #california #LAX #beaches
  • Kiribati in the Pacific is disappearing from rising sea levels. This lovely Island in Micronesia, like many other sea level islands, may be below sea level in the near future. Global warning supposedly takes the blame.  #kiribati #pacific #islands #micronesia #micronesian #micronesians
  • Do you want to be a botanist? That’s what these guys are, taking tree samples for studies. Redwood Forest, California.
Credit: Nat Geo  #redwoodforest #botanist #trees #woods #nature #naturephotography
  • Reflection Canyon, Utah  Credit: Nat Geo
  • NASA Lockheed Supersonic jet  #jets #airtravel #passengers #supersonic #NASA
  • From the air: Colorado River  #coloradoriver #view #airtravel #airlines
  • Waikiki Beach, Honolulu. Diamond Head Crater in the background. ⠀
#Waikiki #Honolulu #DiamondHead #volcano #beach

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